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Why clients need you to present the
Funeral Trust Product

Most agents are afraid to bring up the topic!

This is why it is such an underserved segment of our industry. As insurance and financial professionals we address the accumulation and distribution of wealth, protect wealth with various forms of insurance, and create wealth for survivors and future generations with annuities and insurance. While most professionals are comfortable with addressing mortality, many are not comfortable with discussing the actual funeral. Most methods that clients believe will pay for their funeral will not actually be available at the time of need. The average funeral cost today is approximately $8,500. Let’s face it, most surviving children simply don’t have a spare $8,500 in the bank! Someone is going to have to put the charges on a credit card and pay it off with high interest!

What is a Funeral Trust?

Simply, a Whole Life Policy assigned to an existing trust

The Funeral Trust is a guaranteed issue product and can be written up to the age of 99. The simple, one-page application requires no underwriting, and premium amounts range from $1,000 – $15,000. The Funeral Trust is nursing home and Medicaid compliant* (In most states). Even better, it is fully transportable to any funeral home. At the time of death, the funeral trust pays any funeral home that provides the services. The Funeral Trust also allows clients to go to the funeral home when they are ready. Funeral trusts are created with the financial advisor and client from the comfort of their home or office.

How the policy compares to other funding methods:

Funeral Trust Annutity Savings Account CD Money Market Mutual Funds
Proceeds avoid probate costs Yes
Yes Depends Depends Depends Depends
Federal Income Tax-free death benefits Yes
No No No No No
Free of market risk Yes
Depends Yes Yes Yes Yes
Principal guarenteed Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Defined growth rate Yes
Depends No Yes No No
Funds protected from creditors Yes
No No No** No No
Excluded asset in order to qualify for Medicaid & SSI Yes*
No No No** No No

* After 5-year lookback period. Some states may vary on Medicaid Rules and eligibility is not guaranteed; please consult an Elder Law Attorney in your state for assistance. ** Unless put into trust for funeral expenses.

What else you need to know

No Prospecting Required! Your existing clients are your prospects!
The Funeral Trust provides greater flexibility and covers more aspects of the actual cost of a funeral than products offered at funeral homes.
Your client doesn’t have to go to a funeral home to make sure this is done.
Single premium or level payment plans up to 5 years.
There is a huge revenue opportunity for those of you who have the guts to do it!
We have a number of customizable marketing pieces available to you.

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For over a decade, Producer's Wealth Spring, Inc. has been helping insurance agents and agencies grow their business by showing them how this under-utilized product can be seamlessly integrated into their business model. Contact us to start doing business with the very best in the industry. You’ll be surprised by what we can do for you, your business and your clients!

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